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Delightful Memories Bring Enchanting Bliss & Persistent Relationships Bring Reciprocated Growth

What we do


"Delightful Memories Bring Enchanting Bliss & Persistent Relationships Bring Reciprocated Growth." DiST alumni aim to achieve this principle. The association has the task of enriching the upcoming alumni with their industry knowledge and opening doors for their bright future.

The Association was formed ----- years ago in ----, when DiST had a strong alumni of Computer Science, Social Works and Management students. A meeting under the initiative of the then alumni was convened and it was decided that on the Second Saturday of May every year, the alumni would assemble in their college campus to reminisce their long gone college days. The office bearers of the association were elected then and a tradition of the same continued every year without fail.

As a part of their mission, today, the alumni play an distinguished role of guiding the present students towards their dreams and ambitions.

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Our Vision

To build up a center par excellence equipped to mould outstanding young professionals in relevant fields integrating the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their lives through focused training and person specific career counseling so that they may observe unflinching allegiance to the society.

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"I am an Alumni of BA Multimedia 2019 Batch. The whole journey of my degree period was fascinating. Apart from the classes and studies, the campus gave a lot of memories and experiences and great teachers and friends. Also, I had found so many chances to exhibit and create new interests throughout my 3 years. The college has exceptional resources and teachers to help through anything. I'll treasure and have connect with everything I gathered from here.” --RAMSHANKAR K R, BA Multimedia - 2019

"My experience at DiST has meant career advancement to a highly responsible and technically challenging position in a leading-edge software company. Along with that goes an increased sense of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.” -John Joseph, MCA-06

"DiST is the platform from where you can step into the outer world with full confidence. I had three best years of my life here…. I find coming into DA-IICT as my biggest achievement."-Rincy Thomas, MCA-06

"DiST was like a second home for me, with quality education and environment and high profile faculties. I enjoyed all good and bad times here and will remember it for my whole life… I feel privileged to be associated with such a reputed institute, to have received an opportunity to pursue my post graduation program."-Nikhil V K, MSW-08